ISSI2023 Frequently Asked Questions

Will registration categories be verified?

  • If you are an ISSI Member, please keep your membership number on hand.
  • If you select one of the ISSI Member fees, we will check your membership. In the event somebody registers at the reduced membership rate without being a member, we may cancel this registration.
  • If you register as a student, we may ask for verification of this status. This proof can be a student card including the academic year, a letter from your supervisor, or a registration certificate. You are eligible for the student fee, if you are an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student in the academic year 2022-23.
  • To qualify for the reduced rate for individuals from developing countries, please refer to the listing here. You will be asked to verify your status and home country during registration. This is also subject to verification.

Do I need to attend in person or can I attend virtually?

All sessions except the doctoral forum will be held in person. While we acknowledge there are good reasons why some may not be able to attend in person, we highly value the personal networking that brings innovation and robustness to our field. ISSI 2023 aims to bring us together in person. If your paper is accepted and you cannot physically attend, see below.

If I have a poster or talk accepted and I cannot attend, what do I do?

Please identify a co-author or colleague to present the work on your behalf. Please do share the name of the new presenter with the ISSI organizers.

Will keynote talks be available after the event?

Yes. We plan to post video recordings of keynote talks on the ISSI2023 website two months after the end of the conference.

Can I post my conference paper to a preprint site or seek to publish the paper externally?

The ISSI conference requests that conference papers be prepared solely for the conference and the subsequent proceedings, which will be made publicly available. Separate publication or pre-publication is discouraged. However, papers featuring preliminary results can be submitted to the conference, even if the final full version will be ready after the event and submitted to a different venue afterwards.

July 4 is a major holiday in the United States. I was planning to spend it with my family.

We realize that July 4 is an important family time for many. We encourage you to bring your family and enjoy Bloomington, Indiana together. Indiana summers are gorgeous, and Bloomington is a very family friendly town with lots of outdoor and indoor activities. See and

Submitting to multiple venues

The ISSI conference requests that conference papers be prepared solely for the conference and the subsequent proceedings. Separate publication or pre-publication is discouraged.

Tell me more about the "Research in Progress (RiP)" submission category

There is no expectation that a full paper will be submitted prior to the conference. This submission category is perfect for early work that you or your students may expand for later publications after receiving feedback from the world's leading experts at ISSI2023.

Post-conference publishing

We ask participants to refrain from depositing the conference materials to a preprint service until after the conference. We will make submissions discoverable online after the conference through an improved Proceedings website.

How do I withhold my paper from being published in the conference proceedings?

If you would like your paper NOT to be printed in the conference proceedings, please complete this form:

Can I request an extension of the submission deadline?

The deadline has been extended to December 12, 2022.

Will there be dancing at ISSI 2023?

Yes! We are very much looking forward to dancing with you. We held a dance session in Bloomington to brush up on our skills with Mary Hoedeman,