Doctoral Forum

Welcome to the 8th ISSI Doctoral Forum, an event hosted in conjunction with the ISSI biennial meeting. The primary objective of the event is to provide doctoral students with a forum for presenting and discussing their research projects with senior researchers and fellow students and to develop relationships with other scientists.

Due to the intense mentoring provided in the Doctoral Forum, participation is limited to a selected group of students. The following invited experts will moderate the event: Vincent Lariviere, Andrea Scharnhorst, Stasa Milojevic, Alesia Zuccala, Guillaume Cabanac, Jens Peter Andersen, Caroline Wagner, Katy Borner, and Cassidy Sugimoto.

There is no additional fee for attending the Doctoral Forum, but students are required to register for the main conference. We invite students who wish to participate in submitting their research by using the ConfTools link, which will be live by Sept 15. The template for the submission can also be found here. Please name your submitted file as follows: [yourlastname_issi_DF2023].

The deadline for submission is January 15, 2023, with decisions being issued by late February.

The Doctoral Forum will operate in a hybrid mode (more details to come). The Doctoral Forum is a one-day event and will take place on Sunday, July 2, 2023.

Requests for further information about the Doctoral Forum can be directed to Stasa Milojevic at