Boston Lymphatic Symposium’s NIH Clinical Pre-Conference

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Thursday, November 4, 2021, 9:30:00 AM
(Time displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local)


Portrait: Zorina Galis

Zorina Galis, PhD

Chief, Vascular Biology & Hypertension Branch Division of Cardiovascular Sciences NHLBI, NIH

Portrait: Catania Selen

Selen Catania, PhD

Program Officer Division of Cardiovascular Sciences NHLBI, NIH

Portrait: Ilsa Rovira

Ilsa Rovire, MS

Scientific Program Specialist Division of Cardiovascular Sciences NHLBI, NIH


Virtual Workshop Sponsored by the NIH/NHLBI, Boston Lymphatic Symposium Pre-Conference. This workshop brought together clinicians and basic science researchers to explore the challenges and opportunities toward developing an open-access knowledge base and map of the human lymphatic system. We emphasized the relevance of the fundamental understanding of lymphatic system structure and function, and its coordination and interactions with other body tissues and organs, for improving the clinical management of lymphatic dysfunction and diseases.

International experts reviewed the state of current fundamental and clinical understanding and the remaining challenges, including presenting the latest advances in lymphatic imaging at the clinical level, and the use of novel single cell technologies to map the lymphatic organs, discoveries of lymphatic system biomarkers, and engaged the audience in a collective effort to leverage modern data management and computational approaches.

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This was a virtual event, hosted by NIH. You can access a recording of the event here.


Times shown below are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) & the conference will be run in (EST)

Thu 04 Nov Conference Speaker:
09:30am Welcome Remarks Dhruv Singhal MD, Elliot Chaikof MD PhD, Zorina Galis PhD
09:45am Session 1: Where are we now?
09:45am Overview of challenges and opportunities Zorina Galis PhD
10:15am Anatomical Structures, Cell Types + Biomarkers (ASCT+B) knowledge bases for various human organs Katy Börner PhD
10:45am BREAK
11:00am Case Study: Mapping the Vasculature for Human Biomolecular Atlas (NIH HuBMAP) Griffin Weber MD PhD
11:30am Case Study: Spatial Mapping and ASCT+B for the Lymph Node Andrea Radtke PhD
12:00pm BREAK
12:30pm Working Lunch Session: An updated overview of the lymphatic vasculature fucntions in health and disease Guillermo Oliver PhD
1:00pm Session 2: Where do we want to go and why? Selen Catania PhD, Timothy Padera PhD
1:00pm Introduction to Session
1:10pm Gross Lymphatic Anatomy Dhruv Singhal MD
1:10pm Peripheral Lymphatics Max Itkin MD
1:20pm Central Lymphatics Dhruv Singhal MD, Griffin Weber MD PhD, Max Itkin MD
1:30pm RALLY: A call to idemtify and fill-in knowledge gaps in the field
2:00pm BREAK Ellen Quardokus MS, Michael Detmar MD
2:15pm Single Cell Analytics of Lymphatic Vasculature Michael Detmar MD
2:15pm Lymphatic endothelial identity, heterogenity and role in regulation of imflammation and cancer (Cancelled) Taija Makinen PhD
2:25pm Single sell resolution of endothelium of dermal lymphatic vasculature and malformations Maija Hollmen PhD
2:35pm Biochemical characterization of lymphedema and lipedema Ellen Quardokus MS, Maija Hollmen PhD, Michael Detmar MD, Taija Makinen PhD
2:45pm RALLY: A call to identify and fill-in knowledge gaps in the field
3:20pm KEYNOTE: Brain's solution for lymphatics and brain wellness Jeff Illif PhD
3:55pm Closing remarks Dhruv Singhal MD, Zorina Galis PhD

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