Mapping Knowledge About Human Vasculature Across Body Scales, North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO)

Time & Date

August 31, 2021 BST (UTC+1)


Ondine Cleaver, UT Southwestern and Zorina Galis, NHLBI


In this exciting session we want to explore new scientific and technological opportunities that allow overcoming the traditional challenge of systematically organizing knowledge of vasculature identity, diversity of structure and function, and its coordination and interactions with all body tissues and organs.

We will share the progress in mapping the vasculature at the anatomical level and in organizing knowledge about a number of human tissues and organs at single cell level through the Anatomical Structures Cell Types and biomarkers (ASCT+B) effort championed by the NIH Common Fund Human BioMolecular Program (NIH HuBMAP), for which NHLBI is a leading institute. All the tools and data generated, including tissue mapping information, are available to the entire scientific community through the HuBMAP Data Portal, encouraging wide scientific interrogation and collaborations.

Do you know what is still missing from the maps of all these human organs? The organotypic vasculature! Can you imagine a kidney, a heart, or any other organ without a vasculature? NAVBO is calling upon all vascular experts! Would you like to learn how YOU can help?


This was a virtual event, hosted by NAVBO. Register to access a recording of the event here.


Portrait: Katy Börner

Ondine Cleaver

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Portrait: Amy Bernard

Zorina Galis


Portrait: Rong Fan

Griffin Weber

Harvard Medical School


Ondine Cleaver, UT Southwestern University:

  • The challenge of managing scientific knowledge about the organotypic vasculature [slides]

Zorina Galis, NHLBI/NIH:

  • From Mapping the Vasculome to Mapping the Human Body. And Back! [slides]

Griffin Weber, Harvard Medical School:

  • Creating a map of the human blood vasculature: anatomical level and beyond [slides]

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